True North: Navigating Values on the Sober Journey
January 29, 2024

True North: Navigating Values on the Sober Journey

Get ready for a heart-to-heart on something we all think about but rarely chat about – our personal values! In this episode of "Sisters in Sobriety," your hosts Sonia and Kathleen are here to be your guides in a lively discussion. They'll help us uncover how our values can change and grow, especially through the ups and downs of sobriety. It's all about finding what truly matters to you and how it can light up your life in the most unexpected ways.

So, what's on the table today? We're diving into all things values – those little nuggets that steer our lives. Ever wondered how our values shape who we are, especially when life throws us a curveball like sobriety? How do we even figure out what our true values are, and what happens when they clash with what others expect of us? Sonia and Kathleen are ready to tackle these big questions with a mix of humor and heart.

In today's chat, you're not just listening; you're taking away some real gems to think about. We're breaking down how to spot your core values and why they're the secret sauce to making choices that really feel right. There's a little bit of soul-searching, a sprinkle of psychology, and a whole lot of real talk about how our values shift and grow, especially through the journey of recovery.

Sonia opens up about her own rollercoaster ride – from chasing what she thought she should value to discovering what truly makes her heart sing. She recounts her journey from adopting externally imposed values, such as success and financial achievement, to discovering and embracing her true values during her sobriety journey.  It's a story many of us can relate to, full of twists, turns, and those lightbulb moments that change everything.

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00:02:00 | Importance of listening to one's body and slowing down
00:03:00 | Taking steps to minimize stress and prioritize self-care
00:05:00 | Importance of defining personal values
00:06:00 | Definition of values as guiding principles
00:08:00 | Practical ways to define values through reflection and introspection
00:09:00 | Using a peak experience exercise to identify values
00:10:00 | Utilizing worksheets to explore and choose values
00:11:00 | Benefits of having defined values as a guiding force
00:12:00 | Personal values as a north star for decision making and life direction
00:12:41 | Freedom and courage as core values
00:13:18 | The changing meaning of courage
00:14:00 | James Baldwin quote: "Nothing can be changed until it is faced"
00:15:00 | Reflection on values before sobriety
00:16:00 | The emptiness of pursuing values without a why
00:17:00 | Struggling with values and feeling unfulfilled
00:18:00 | The shift in values after getting sober
00:19:00 | Embracing values that don't align with ourselves
00:20:00 | Reasons for adopting values from others
00:21:00 | The impact of cultural, societal, and familial values
00:22:00 | The value of money and its impact on self-worth
00:23:00 | Reflecting on past luxury vacations
00:24:00 | The importance of time and meaningful gestures
00:24:13 | Giving time vs. giving money
00:26:00 | Changing values in relationships
00:26:36 | Reflecting on past values
00:27:22 | How values affected relationships
00:28:00 | Sobriety as a catalyst for value shift
00:29:00 | Divorce as a reflection of values
00:30:00 | Aligning values with authentic self
00:31:00 | Techniques to define values
00:32:00 | Shifting values over time
00:33:00 | Reflecting on inherited values


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