Embracing who you really are: reaching emotional sobriety
December 11, 2023

Embracing who you really are: reaching emotional sobriety

You’ve heard of early sobriety, you’ve felt the very real changes of physical sobriety… But have you come across “emotional sobriety” yet? No? Well this is your chance to learn!

Welcome back to Sisters in Sobriety, the podcast that talks about sobriety, addiction and everything in between. In this new episode, Kathleen and Sonia discuss the somewhat elusive, yet life-transforming concept of “emotional sobriety”. And if you’re not sure what that means; worry not! Today, Sonia and Kathleen help you figure out what emotional sobriety might look like for you. They also give you the tools you need to reframe your emotional mindset, acquire better coping mechanisms… And make your white-knuckling days feel like a distant nightmare!

As they discuss their own experiences with emotional sobriety, Kathleen and Sonia will also wonder: Do you have to be emotionally sober all the time? What happens if you’re not? How can you change your approach to sobriety with new routines, and mindful practices? What are the signs that you might be losing your balance in sobriety? And how can you turn the hard times into the stuff that keeps you going?

As they walk you through these delicate questions, Kathleen and Sonia also share a new chapter in their personal story of growth, as sisters-in-law and sisters in sobriety! Today, they tell you how they came together as a family, and stood side by side, through the good times and the bad.

Brace yourself for an episode rich with emotions, and life-long lessons. This is Sisters in Sobriety, a podcast brought to you by EverBlume, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol. 


  • Defining “emotional sobriety” (1:46)
  • Emotional sobriety as a very personal thing (3:25)
  • Sonia’s first steps towards emotional sobriety (6:28)
  • From “white knuckling it” to finding support in recovery (7:45)
  • When Kathleen becomes a mom…  (9:24)
  • …And Sonia, an auntie (again!) (10:32)
  • Sonia’s first sober vacation: learning to trust yourself again (12:12)
  • Kathleen and Sonia become family (13:50)
  • Learning to practice emotional sobriety (15:57)
  • Kathleen’s day-to-day meditation tips (18:14)
  • “Turning pain into purpose” (20:36)
  • A fateful holiday to Hawaii (22:14)
  • The end of a marriage (26:00)
  • Navigating significant relationships through a divorce (28:33)
  • When relapse feels like grief (29:36)
  • Being “dry drunk”: how emotional sobriety plays into relapse (31:31)
  • Signs you might not be emotionally sober (32:35)
  • How to encourage someone to work on their emotional sobriety? (36:03)
  • “One minute at a time” (38:20)
  • Sonia and Kathleen’s personal takeaways (40:14) 


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