The Sober Professional: Building Your Career Alcohol-Free
February 19, 2024

The Sober Professional: Building Your Career Alcohol-Free

In today's episode of "Sisters in Sobriety," Sonia and Kathleen are diving into the world of work and sobriety, chatting about how our jobs and careers can play a big role in our journey towards a sober life. They're here to share laughs, stories, and tips on keeping your sobriety on track amidst deadlines and work functions.

Get ready to ponder some juicy questions: Can our careers really affect our sobriety? How do you dodge the wine at work events? And what's the best way to deal with stress without reaching for a drink? Sonia and Kathleen have got some thoughts!

You'll walk away with some handy advice on setting boundaries at work, finding supportive buddies in the office, and mastering the art of self-care to keep the stress (and the booze) at bay.

Diving deeper into their personal stories, Sonia and Kathleen open up about their own sobriety and work-life journeys, sharing the highs, lows, and all the moments in between. They discuss how their careers impacted their sobriety, from the pressures of work events filled with alcohol to the challenges of maintaining balance in high-stress environments.

And...join us for our exciting MOCKTAIL SEGMENT, where we'll indulge in tasting and reviewing two delightful mocktails, offering a refreshing twist on your favorite beverages without the alcohol.

This is "Sisters in Sobriety," your go-to place for making sobriety and work-life not just manageable, but enjoyable. Don't forget to check out our substack for more tips, guidance, and sobriety support!


[00:01:48] Discussion on work and sobriety as part of one's identity.

[00:02:46] The challenge of balancing professional life with sobriety.

[00:03:41] Work cultures that value partying as a challenge.

[00:04:35] The empowerment found in navigating work stress soberly.

[00:06:27] Kathleen shares her experience balancing professional life and sobriety.

[00:07:39] Sonia discusses her stressors and triggers related to work and sobriety.

[00:10:14] Sonia's story of selling her business and its impact on her sobriety.

[00:11:32] Discussion on baseline mental health and workplace stress.

[00:13:48] Sonia and Kathleen talk about workplace triggers and coping mechanisms.

[00:17:38] Insight into Kathleen’s experience in corporate socializing and sobriety.

[00:19:56] Managing professional relationships previously intertwined with alcohol.

[00:22:18] Strategies for navigating work events where alcohol is present.

[00:23:27] Disclosing a substance use disorder in the workplace.

[00:27:28] Introduction to tasting mocktails segment.

[00:28:50] Tasting and review of Gruvi Dry Secco.

[00:31:06] Tasting and review of Gruvi Bubbly Rosé.


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