Finding Calm: Self-Soothing in Sobriety
May 6, 2024

Finding Calm: Self-Soothing in Sobriety

In today's episode of "Sisters in Sobriety," Sonia and Kathleen take a deep dive into the world of self-soothing and its crucial role in maintaining sobriety. Self-soothing isn't just about keeping calm; it's a vital skill for balancing emotions and preventing relapse, which can be a tricky path to navigate. Join them as they unpack strategies and personal stories, providing you with tools and insights to bolster your recovery journey.

Throughout the episode, Sonia and Kathleen will explore essential questions that touch the core of self-soothing: What exactly does it mean to self-soothe? Why is it so important, especially during recovery? How can you transition from harmful old habits to beneficial new routines that genuinely support your well-being? They'll also tackle the nitty-gritty challenges many face, like finding the focus to meditate amidst chaos or discovering hobbies that genuinely soothe rather than inadvertently stress you out.

Listeners can look forward to gaining a richer understanding of emotional regulation, the transformative power of mindfulness, and how to craft a personalized toolkit of strategies for tough times. Whether you’re just starting your sober journey or you’re a seasoned veteran, this discussion is packed with insights on fostering resilience and emotional autonomy.

Join us at "Sisters in Sobriety," where we mix honest talks with hearty laughter, all while supporting each other in redefining our relationship with alcohol. Don’t forget to check out our substack for a treasure trove of supportive advice and to connect with a community that roots for you every step of the way. Come for the strategies, stay for the stories, and leave feeling empowered!


03:19 - Discussion of common pitfalls when trying to meditate and how social media can be a distraction.

00:03:44 - Sonia and Kathleen address significant questions on beginning the self-soothing process.

00:04:12 - Kathleen describes various self-soothing techniques and emphasizes the importance of finding what uniquely works for each individual.

00:05:31 - Sonia relates self-soothing to the concept of infants learning to calm themselves, drawing parallels to adults in recovery.

00:06:09 - Exploration of how self-soothing helps manage triggers and stressors without resorting to alcohol.

00:07:00 - Sonia explains the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of self-soothing.

00:08:11 - Sonia shares a personal story about recognizing the need for self-soothing in challenging moments.

00:10:05 - Discussion on the transformation from using substances as self-soothing to finding healthier alternatives.

00:14:06 - The hosts delve into how the journey of self-soothing began with their sobriety.

00:15:00 - Sonia shares insights into the early difficult days of sobriety and finding things that calmed her mind.

00:17:20 - Kathleen discusses misconceptions about self-soothing and emphasizes its immediate and practical benefits.

00:18:35 - Kathleen explains the RAIN technique for emotional awareness and self-soothing.

00:20:36 - Discussion of specific triggers for self-soothing and personal responses to emotional challenges.

00:22:31 - Advice on recognizing the need for self-soothing and developing mindful awareness throughout daily activities.

00:25:20 - Kathleen clarifies that successful self-soothing is about managing, not suppressing, emotions.

00:28:01 - Sonia shares how self-soothing techniques helped prevent potential relapses during her divorce.


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