Like a turtle without a shell: stepping into early sobriety
November 9, 2023

Like a turtle without a shell: stepping into early sobriety

In today’s episode of Sisters in Sobriety, Kathleen and Sonia talk about early sobriety, a chapter of your journey that will come with many changes! From new physical sensations, to heightened senses, early sobriety is a time for reset, and stripping your mental health to the bones.

So today, your hosts help you navigate this period of vulnerability and sober reinvention. For both Sonia and Kathleen, early sobriety was synonymous with vivid new emotional experiences and personal reckonings. So they’ll set out to answer the questions you might be pondering yourself: is quitting alcohol a “once and for all” kind of business? Or is moderate drinking an option? How to minimize situations that trigger cravings? How to continue socializing without drinking? What happens if you slip? Do you have to call that “relapse”? And during this transition, what does a good support system look like?

Let Kathleen and Sonia walk you through your first steps into sobriety, as you get acquainted with a whole new alcohol-free life! Throughout the episode, you’ll hear about healthier coping mechanisms, sober routines, mindfulness techniques, goal-setting and sobriety support networks.

This week, you will also hear the second chapter of Kathleen and Sonia's personal story of growth! Last episode, they told you about their early adult years, and Kathleen’s life-changing “rehab” experience. Today, join them again on their journey of family and sobriety, as they tell you how they met! Spoiler alert: Sonia’s brother had something to do with it. But there was still a long way to become family.

This is Sisters in Sobriety, a podcast brought to you by EverBlume, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol. 


  • Defining early sobriety (1:30)
  • Kathleen’s first dry date (4:53)
  • Sonia on her brother’s sobriety (7:01)
  • When Kathleen meets Sonia (9:04)
  • A whirlwind romance (10:52)
  • Understanding the goal of early sobriety (12:19)
  • What a healthier lifestyle looks like (15:12)
  • Why the “all or nothing” method does not work (16:25)
  • The ins and outs of seeking professional help (18:00)
  • “Triggers are everything” - how to renew your social environments (20:11)
  • When Kathleen’s engagement wreaks havoc (22:09)
  • Drinking to cope with family feuds (24:18)
  • How to host a sober wedding (24:59)
  • Connecting as a family: when Kathleen gets pregnant (26:06)
  • Sonia’s early thoughts on sobriety (29:03)
  • What to do on a hard day (30:13)
  • Why a slip carries valuable information (32:39)
  • The role of self-compassion in a slip (33:56)
  • Boundaries and a support system: your barrier against a slip (35:32)
  • Personal takes on milestones and anniversaries (36:50)
  • Sonia and Kathleen’s personal takeaways (38:34)  


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