Dry January Tips, Tales, and Mocktail Tastes
January 1, 2024

Dry January Tips, Tales, and Mocktail Tastes

In today’s episode, we dive into the timely topic of “Dry January” - a month dedicated to abstaining from alcohol. Kathleen will share her inspiring journey, emphasizing how a period of abstinence from drugs was the catalyst for her sobriety, and the unique challenges that alcohol presented due to its social acceptance.

Sonia will explore the various drinking patterns and the importance of recognizing when alcohol may be more than just a casual habit. We'll unpack the importance of medical advice, seeking further abstinence, and finding the right support systems. Kathleen reminds us to do our research and reflects on her all-or-nothing approach to life's indulgences, sharing how an eight-week cleanse from substances dramatically shifted her perspective.

We will chat about the benefits that come with a break from booze: the joys of waking up clear-headed, the potential for weight loss, and the overall boost to your health and relationships. But it's not all smooth sailing, as we'll also talk about the potential for a pendulum swing back to binge drinking.

We don't just theorize. We are also putting our taste buds to the test with a couple of mocktail reviews. Will the complex flavor profile of the St. James 101 bitter aperitif spritz win the day, or will the fruity notes of the Hiyo peach mango drink with natural nootropics and adaptogens come out on top? Kathleen and I have our opinions, and we're excited to sip and share.

So, grab your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, and let's explore the ins and outs of Dry January together. Maybe you'll be inspired to join the movement or simply gain a deeper understanding of your own relationship with alcohol.

And as always, we welcome your stories and insights. Be sure to find us on social media and let's continue the conversation. Ready? Let's get into it!

0:01:48 | Explanation of dry January and its benefits
0:03:20 | Tips and strategies for starting dry January
0:05:12 | Importance of reflection and goal-setting for dry January
0:06:14 | Questions to ask oneself during dry January
0:07:10 | Personal experiences with periods of abstinence
0:08:02 | Challenges and triggers for going back to drinking
0:09:44 | Factors influencing the decision to drink or be abstinent
0:12:06 | Possible outcomes of dry January: positive and negative
[0:12:47] | Epic return to drinking after abstinence discussed
[0:14:08] | Positive effects of abstinence: improved sleep, weight loss, better skin, improved relationships
[0:15:32] | Different experiences during dry January: some find it easy, others struggle
[0:16:09] | Kathleen's experience with abstinence from drugs and alcohol
[0:18:00] | Can't go a month without drinking: possible problematic drinking
[0:19:20] | Various unhealthy patterns of drinking discussed
[0:19:40] | Recommendations for those concerned about their relationship with alcohol
[0:22:23] | Reflection and mindfulness during abstinence
[0:23:24] | Discussion on the potential of dry January as a gateway to sobriety
0:25:14 | Kathleen describes the Sir James 101 Spritz beverage
0:25:36 | Kathleen and Sonia discuss the complexity and refreshing nature of the drink.
0:26:13 | They agree that the drink would be suitable for ordering at a bar.
0:27:14 | Kathleen rates the likelihood of recommending the drink as 8 or 9 out of 10.
0:28:23 | They try the Hiyo peach mango drink and discuss its taste and ingredients.
0:30:00 | Kathleen mentions the marketing of the drink towards people living a sober lifestyle.
0:31:23 | Sonia rates the likelihood of recommending the drink between 5 and 8 out of 10.
0:32:09 | Kathleen expresses that she would not consider the Hiyo peach mango drink a mocktail.
0:32:16 | They conclude that the Sir James 101 Spritz is the winner.


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