Your Questions Answered: A Guide to Alcohol-Free Vacations
May 30, 2024

Your Questions Answered: A Guide to Alcohol-Free Vacations

In this episode of Sisters in Sobriety, Sonia tackles the timely topic of staying sober while on vacation. She dives deep into how to keep your recovery journey strong, even when you are sipping mocktails poolside. Whether you're facing social gatherings, airport temptations, or hotel happy hours, Sonia will help you pack your bags with tools and confidence for your next trip.

Throughout this episode, she'll answer some key questions like: How can you handle social events that often involve alcohol? What strategies can you employ to stay strong in airports and hotels where alcohol is readily available? How do you communicate your sobriety needs to travel companions? With practical advice and relatable insights, this episode is packed with tips on how to manage common triggers and stay sober during your travels.

Listeners will learn how to identify and avoid triggers in various vacation settings, the importance of planning and setting boundaries with travel companions, and engaging in sober-friendly activities. Sonia emphasizes the benefits of staying engaged in activities that do not involve alcohol, helping you to appreciate your vacation spot better and maintain your sobriety.

This is Sisters in Sobriety, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol. Check out our Substack for extra tips, tricks, and resources.


[00:01:15] - Listener Question: Jill from Houston asks about staying sober at an all-inclusive resort.

[00:01:38] - Temptations on Vacation: Discussion on the various temptations one might face while on vacation.

[00:02:00] - Common Triggers: Exploring common settings where triggers for drinking might appear.

[00:02:20] - Social Gatherings: Tips on managing social gatherings that involve alcohol.

[00:02:41] - Airports: How to handle the stress and accessibility of alcohol in airports.

[00:03:00] - Hotels: Managing the availability of alcohol in hotels and during happy hours.

[00:03:04] - Planning Ahead: Importance of having a plan for social situations where alcohol is present.

[00:03:21] - Sober-Friendly Destinations: Choosing vacation spots that support sobriety.

[00:03:39] - Travel Companions: The importance of traveling with supportive people.

[00:04:01] - Engaging in Sober Activities: Planning activities that don't involve alcohol to stay engaged.

[00:04:21] - Mental Preparation: Preparing mentally for the presence of alcohol in airports.

[00:04:35] - Alternative Relaxation Spots: Finding quieter zones in airports to avoid bars and lounges.

[00:04:57] - Alcohol-Free Accommodations: Requesting alcohol-free rooms in hotels.

[00:05:16] - Avoiding Happy Hour: Planning activities during happy hour times to avoid temptation.

[00:05:39] - Communicating Sobriety: Tips on explaining your sobriety to travel companions.

[00:06:14] - Setting Boundaries: Importance of setting and maintaining boundaries with companions.

[00:07:00] - Sober Activities: Ideas for engaging in sober activities while on vacation.

[00:08:00] - Overcoming FOMO: Strategies to handle the fear of missing out when others are drinking.

[00:10:25] - Enhanced Engagement: Benefits of engaging fully with your environment while staying sober.

[00:11:51] - Playing the Tape Forward: A technique to visualize the consequences of drinking.


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