Love Unbottled: Dating Without Drinking
February 12, 2024

Love Unbottled: Dating Without Drinking

In today’s episode of "Sisters in Sobriety," we’re spicing things up with a look at dating in sobriety, just in time for Valentine's Day! Join Sonia and Kathleen as they share laughs, wisdom, and a few awkward moments they’ve faced while navigating the dating world alcohol-free. They promise to make you smile and maybe blush, as they help you explore the joys and jitters of sober dating.

What does dating look like when you're sober? Can you find true love without liquid courage? How do you handle a date at a bar? We're chatting about all this and more, sprinkling in some juicy stories and practical advice.

You'll walk away with a fresh perspective on sober dating, armed with tips on how to enjoy authentic connections, communicate your needs, and why sobriety might just be your secret weapon in love. We’re breaking down the myths and celebrating the perks of clear-headed courting.

And, because we love a good story, Sonia shares hilariously enlightening tales from her own dating adventures. It’s a reminder that the most memorable moments often come from the most unexpected situations and that sharing these moments with others can shift our outlook, encourage us to embrace vulnerability, celebrate spontaneity, and find beauty in the chaos of life. 

This is Sisters in Sobriety, your go-to place for changing your relationship with alcohol into something you love even more than your favorite rom-com. Don’t forget to check out our substack for all the tips, tricks, and tales you need to navigate sobriety with a smile!


  • [00:02:00] Discussion on the opportunity sobriety provides for genuine relationships.
  • [00:02:44] The positive impacts of sobriety on deepening relationships.
  • [00:03:32] Comparison of sober dating to dating under the influence.
  • [00:06:26] Advice on preparing for dating and establishing non-negotiables.
  • [00:10:45] Sonia recounts dating experiences post-divorce and sober.
  • [00:12:35] Discussion on setting boundaries in dating while sober.
  • [00:14:02] Navigating early dating conversations about sobriety.
  • [00:18:16] Setting and respecting boundaries with partners who drink.
  • [00:20:02] Evaluating a partner's drinking habits in relation to personal comfort.
  • [00:22:13] Identifying red flags in dating that could threaten sobriety.
  • [00:24:20] Kathleen shares her experience of entering a new relationship sober.
  • [00:27:05] Finding sober-friendly date activities.
  • [00:28:22] Managing social situations involving alcohol with a new partner.
  • [00:29:51] How sobriety impacts emotional vulnerability in relationships.
  • [00:30:37] Characteristics of a healthy, supportive relationship for someone in recovery.
  • [00:32:00] Dealing with rejection related to sobriety in the dating scene.


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