Navigating Paths to Recovery with Alida Flannery
May 13, 2024

Navigating Paths to Recovery with Alida Flannery

In today's episode of Sisters in Sobriety, Sonia and Kathleen are excited to welcome Alida Flannery, a passionate advocate for sobriety and the founder of Epiphany Recovery. Alida brings her unique experience as both a sober companion and recovery coach to the conversation, sharing her inspiring journey from addiction to aiding others on their paths to sobriety. Stay tuned as Sonia and Kathleen delve into Alida's multifaceted approach to recovery.

Alida is the Founder of Epiphany Recovery Inc., an organization that provides Recovery Coaching, Companioning, and Case Management services to individuals who are struggling with substance use and disordered eating. She is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach and Companion, who completed her Intervention training with Earl Hightower in 2018, and has previously worked for a number of different in-patient treatment centres in Canada.  Alida also works with Amazing Grace Canada, a Canadian charity whose mission is to bring hope and recovery to families and communities affected by addiction in developing nations.

This episode will explore various paths to recovery, including one-on-one coaching, sober companionship, and the benefits of group support. Alida will address key questions like: What are the unique challenges and benefits of each recovery approach? How can someone determine the best recovery path for their individual needs? These discussions will be enriched with Alida's personal insights and experiences, providing a comprehensive look at addiction recovery.

Listeners can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the recovery process, including practical strategies for managing triggers and maintaining sobriety in real-world scenarios. Alida will discuss the importance of creating a supportive environment and how tailored recovery plans can significantly enhance the success of one's sobriety journey. 

This is Sisters in Sobriety, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol. Check out our substack for extra tips, tricks, and resources.


[00:03:10] - Alida's role as a sober companion is explained, highlighting her commitment to 24/7 support for her clients.

[00:04:18] - Alida joins the conversation, expressing her gratitude for being part of the podcast.

[00:04:33] - Alida shares her personal journey with addiction and the impact of hitting a profound emotional and physical bottom.

[00:06:44] - Discussion about the pivotal moments that lead to seeking change and the universal nature of pain in the journey to recovery.

[00:07:26] - Alida speaks about the challenges she faced in recovery, particularly the overhaul of her lifestyle centered around substance use.

[00:08:39] - The concept of 'rewiring behaviors' in sobriety is explored, discussing the difficulties of adapting to a sober life.

[00:10:05] - The personal story continues with Alida discussing how recovery coaching and sober companionship work in practical scenarios.

[00:11:57] - Alida discusses the inspiration behind starting Epiphany Recovery, linking her experiences in the corporate and philanthropic worlds.

[00:13:49] - Alida recounts her early experiences as a COVID coach during the pandemic, aiding clients in isolation.

[00:15:20] - Sonia and Alida discuss the integration of personal recovery experiences into coaching methods, stressing authenticity and relatability.

[00:17:15] - The conversation shifts to the importance of not using personal sobriety metrics as a standard for others' recovery.

[00:18:12] - Alida and Kathleen discuss misconceptions about addiction, like not having a DUI meaning you don't have a problem.

[00:20:11] - The discussion touches on the personal lows and the concept of 'slipping faster than lowering standards' in addiction.

[00:22:04] - Alida explains the brain science behind addiction, particularly how substances affect the prefrontal cortex and decision-making.

[00:23:32] - How Alida's approach to recovery has evolved over time, emphasizing a need to stay informed about new methods and therapies.

[00:25:19] - Closing thoughts on resilience in recovery, discussing whether it's something that can be taught or needs to be embodied and lived.


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