Being there every step of the way: finding support in sobriety
December 18, 2023

Being there every step of the way: finding support in sobriety

At the heart of every sobriety journey, there is a support community. Be it friends, family, or regular community groups… We all get by with a little help! So in this episode of Sisters in Sobriety, Sonia and Kathleen discuss what true support looks like in sobriety, and how to find it.

As with everything else in sobriety, support is personal; there is no one size fits all solution. So today, Kathleen and Sonia will cover key questions to help you identify your needs: can friends and family be your main support system? What should you do if they’re not helping? What’s the difference between AA and other support communities? Is it normal to feel really uncomfortable in a group setting? And perhaps most importantly: what are the signs that you have found your people?

Throughout this episode, you will hear about different types of support systems, from in-person groups, to online communities. You will learn how accountability and story-telling can help your recovery, and understand better the difference between coaching and therapy.

Last but not least, your hosts will be sharing the fourth and final chapter of their personal story of growth, family and sobriety. Previously, Sonia and Kathleen have told you about their youth, how they became sober, and supported each other through thick and thin. Now, they share how divorce and grief can still lead to a perfect moment, made of undying strength, new life trajectories, and a whole lot of family love. You will hear it at every turn: it takes a village to stay sober in a very non-sober world.

This is Sisters in Sobriety, a podcast brought to you by EverBlume, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol.


  • What does a sobriety support system look like? (2:05)
  • Finding support through big life transitions (3:48)
  • How Kathleen became a life coach and psychotherapist (5:20)
  • When Sonia’s sobriety broke her marriage (6:23)
  • How Sonia’s system helped her maintain sobriety during her divorce (7:33)
  • “I was with her every step of the way”: support seen from the other side (8:44)
  • Hearing people’s stories to find motivation (10:07)
  • Sobriety support comes in many shapes and sizes (11:24)
  • Understanding the different types of sobriety groups (12:40)
  • What’s the difference between therapy and coaching? (13:47)
  • Signs that a group is right for you (16:55)
  • How Sonia got the idea of EverBlume (19:05)
  • Becoming a recovery coach and kicking business into action! (20:36)
  • What EverBlume looks like today (22:18)
  • Back to present time: “You stick together, you get stronger” (23:12)
  • How to recognise that you need additional support (24:53)
  • Accountability as a tool in recovery (27:58)
  • A slip doesn’t mean you are back to square one (29:20)
  • The role of friends and family in sobriety support (30:35)
  • What your close circle should not do (33:36)
  • Kathleen and Sonia’s personal takeaways (35:00)


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