Drinking works, until it doesn’t: making the decision to quit.
November 28, 2023

Drinking works, until it doesn’t: making the decision to quit.

Welcome to Sisters in Sobriety! In this very first episode, meet your hosts, Kathleen and Sonia, as they bring you to the start of your sobriety journey and discuss the big question: what does it mean to quit drinking? Quitting is the first step of many to embrace sobriety! It is your first moment of recognition and empowerment; to let go of what is holding you back, and start building a healthier life, without alcohol. Today, your hosts cover the questions that everyone in the sober community grapples with: what does quitting mean, actually? Is it a once-and-for-all decision? What kind of drinking is considered “problematic”? How can you tell if someone is struggling with their alcohol consumption? And is an intervention a good idea? (Spoiler alert: maybe not!) In this episode, Kathleen and Sonia also unveil their personal story of growth! Step back in time, to hear their unique tale of family and sobriety. Today, your hosts look back on their early years, reflecting on how they built their own consumption habits in childhood and young adulthood. Between their student life at the University of Toronto, blooming careers fueled by the “work hard play hard” method, and a fateful yoga retreat in Mexico… There is a lot to tell. Stay tuned for insights into what grey area drinking is, how habit-stacking works, what constitutes a healthy sober environment, and how you can test out sobriety on your own terms! Because in the end, what matters is that you get there, “whatever it takes” as Sonia would say. This is Sisters in Sobriety , a podcast brought to you by EverBlume , the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol.


What does it mean to “quit” drinking? (00:59)

Sonia’s early experiences with self-medicating (03:08)

How Kathleen grew up as an only child (04:40)

Using alcohol to socialize as a student (06:01)

Spotting the signs of an alcohol use disorder (08:02)

The importance of being honest with yourself (10:11)

Why drinking doesn’t work (11:40) Unpacking the concept of “habit stacking” (12:55)

How environment impacts your drinking and cravings (15:22)

When dental school tamped down Sonia’s drinking (18:52)

Kathleen’s corporate career and associated parties (20:56) S

onia’s slow descent into drinking (22:40)

A sober awakening: when Kathleen’s life took a turn (24:38)

The benefits of rehab (27:30) Defining the concept of “grey area drinking” (29:03)

How to talk to a loved one about their drinking? (31:12)

Values as a roadmap to sobriety (33:26)

Sonia and Kathleen’s personal takeaways (35:46)

Understanding that your life can improve so much (37:10)

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