The Sobriety Diet: Understanding Nutrition's Impact with Dr. Brooke Scheller
March 25, 2024

The Sobriety Diet: Understanding Nutrition's Impact with Dr. Brooke Scheller

In today's episode of Sisters in Sobriety, we're diving into the transformative journey of balancing nutrition and sobriety with our special guest, Dr. Brooke Scheller, a pioneer in the field of clinical nutrition with a focus on sobriety. Sonia and Kathleen are here to guide you through an enlightening discussion on how to harness the power of functional foods to not only manage alcohol consumption but to thrive in your recovery journey.

Throughout the episode, we'll be exploring pivotal questions: How can nutrition profoundly impact your sobriety? What are the myths surrounding alcohol consumption and health? And how can the intentional inclusion of functional foods in our diet support not just our physical well-being, but our emotional and psychological recovery as well? These questions will uncover the interconnectedness of diet, health, and sobriety, shedding light on common misconceptions and empowering you with knowledge. This conversation is not just about abstaining from alcohol; it's about nurturing the body and mind to foster a resilient, sustainable sober lifestyle.

Listeners will walk away with a deeper understanding of key concepts such as the effects of alcohol on nutrient absorption, the importance of a balanced diet in managing cravings, and the role of specific functional foods in enhancing overall well-being. This educational journey is designed to inspire and inform, helping you make informed decisions about your health and recovery.

Dr. Scheller shares her personal story, providing a candid look at her own challenges and triumphs in the realm of nutrition and sobriety. This intimate narrative promises to resonate with many, offering hope and practical strategies for those navigating their own paths to wellness.

*Dr. Brooke Scheller, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, stands at the forefront of a transformative movement in health and wellness. As the esteemed founder of Functional Sobriety and the author of "How to Eat to Change How You Drink," Dr. Scheller has dedicated her career to revolutionizing the approach to alcohol recovery and holistic well-being.

This is Sisters in Sobriety, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol. Check out our substack for extra tips, tricks, and resources.


  • [00:02:06] Dr. Scheller's unique approach to combining nutrition with sobriety efforts is outlined, highlighting the importance of diet in managing alcohol consumption.
  • [00:02:49] Brooke shares her personal motivation for writing her book and diving deep into the relationship between eating habits and drinking behavior.
  • [00:03:30] Discussion on the struggle with alcohol and the realization of its impact on mental health and professional integrity.
  • [00:04:16] Brooke's journey from research on substance use disorders to personal sobriety, highlighting the role of nutrition and supplements.
  • [00:06:32] Exploration of high-functioning alcoholism and the difficult decision to quit drinking, shedding light on the complex dynamics of success and substance dependence.
  • [00:10:19] Debunking common misconceptions about alcohol's impact on health, emphasizing the widespread physiological effects beyond liver damage.
  • [00:14:03] Discussion on persistent myths about alcohol, including the misleading belief in moderate drinking benefits for health.
  • [00:16:38] Challenging the notion of "everything in moderation," especially in the context of alcohol consumption and its universal harm.
  • [00:20:44] Insights into the various types and effects of alcohol, debunking the myth of "healthier" alcoholic beverages.
  • [00:22:17] The connection between alcohol consumption and nutrient depletion, and its profound effects on the body's functions.
  • [00:25:27] The psychological and physiological repercussions of using alcohol as a stress relief tool, emphasizing its counterproductive nature.
  • [00:29:23] Highlighting the statistic that 95% of alcoholics may suffer from low blood sugar, exploring its implications for cravings and recovery.
  • [00:32:54] The critical role of the gut microbiome in overall health and how alcohol adversely affects it, underlining the need for dietary intervention in sobriety.
  • [00:37:49] Introduction of the concept of "functional foods" and their significance in supporting sobriety and physical well-being.
  • [00:41:18] Explanation of drinking archetypes (social, stress, habitual drinkers) to help listeners identify their patterns and find tailored nutrition advice.
  • [00:45:29] How functional foods directly influence mood, decision-making, and, by extension, alcohol consumption habits.
  • [00:48:19] Brooke offers practical tips for integrating functional foods into one's diet without feeling overwhelmed, advocating for incremental changes.


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