Habit Hacks: Transforming Your Relationship with Alcohol
April 1, 2024

Habit Hacks: Transforming Your Relationship with Alcohol

Join Sonia and Kathleen on a lively journey into the world of breaking free from the cycles of alcohol use in this episode of Sisters in Sobriety, by shining a light on the patterns that can ensnare us and offering hope for breaking free. The episode poses crucial questions that resonate with many: What are the cycles of drinking that keep us trapped in a loop of consumption and abstinence? How can we identify and confront our triggers to break free from these patterns? And crucially, what steps can we take towards lasting change, moving beyond mere recognition of the problem to actively reshaping our relationship with alcohol? 

Join us as we explore the power of mindfulness, habit change, and the support of community in reclaiming our lives from the grip of alcohol. They're here to chat, share, and dive deep into how we can spot those sneaky habits that keep us in a loop and how to jump off that not-so-merry-go-round for good. 

Listeners will leave this episode armed with key insights into cycle breaking, trigger identification, and the development of healthy coping mechanisms. The episode demystifies the process of changing ingrained behaviors, offering practical advice on creating a supportive environment for recovery. Through an understanding of habit loops and the importance of small, consistent changes, the episode illuminates the path toward a life unburdened by alcohol.

In this episode is Sonia’s personal story, a raw and real look at the journey through the lens of someone who’s walked the path. 

Welcome to Sisters in Sobriety, where we're all about making changes, finding joy, and supporting each other in the journey away from alcohol. Don’t forget to swing by our substack for more tips, stories, and a little extra sunshine for your day. See you there!


  • [00:01:44] - Discussion on the importance of recognizing and confronting unhealthy patterns of drinking.
  • [00:02:12] - The concept of mindfulness in confronting triggers and making lasting habit changes is introduced.
  • [00:03:10] - Kathleen explains the cycle of drinking: from initial overuse to attempts at moderation, and the frustrating return to old habits.
  • [00:04:30] - Sonia dives into what "cycle breaking" means and the steps involved in actively changing one's relationship with alcohol.
  • [00:07:29] - Sonia shares her personal story of daily cycles of anxiety, drinking, and the temporary relief it brought, highlighting the challenges of breaking free.
  • [00:10:11] - Strategies for becoming more mindful of alcohol consumption, including the importance of tracking drinking habits.
  • [00:13:40] - Kathleen shares techniques for managing cravings and urges to drink through distraction and delay tactics.
  • [00:17:08] - Sonia reflects on the process of acknowledging triggers and the role of honest self-reflection in cycle breaking.
  • [00:20:08] - Discussion on the significance of understanding the root causes of one’s drinking patterns and whether delving into the past is essential for recovery.
  • [00:23:25] - The therapeutic journey of connecting past experiences to current behaviors and how therapy can aid in uncovering and addressing these connections.
  • [00:27:57] - Kathleen recounts how her triggers and cycles evolved over time, illustrating the complexity of addiction.
  • [00:31:29] - Sonia discusses the importance of not panicking in response to emotional triggers as a step towards breaking the cycle.
  • [00:33:32] - The role of routine and structure in supporting recovery efforts, including the concept of habit stacking, is explored.
  • [00:37:54] - The importance of forgiveness, both of oneself and others, in the recovery journey and how it can impact cycle breaking.
  • [00:38:11] - How to build and leverage a support system for breaking cycles, including the different forms that support can take.
  • [00:40:13] - Sonia highlights the "delay and distract" technique as a memorable takeaway for managing cravings.
  • [00:41:05] - Kathleen emphasizes the value of small, manageable steps in the process of changing habits and breaking cycles.
  • [00:42:00] - Closing remarks, summarizing the episode's key messages and encouraging listeners to seek support and resources available through Sisters in Sobriety.
  • [Throughout] - The episode is punctuated by relatable anecdotes, practical advice, and supportive dialogue that underscores the theme of community and mutual support in the journey to sobriety.


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