True Connections: The Impact of Sobriety on Friendships
April 8, 2024

True Connections: The Impact of Sobriety on Friendships

In this episode of Sisters in Sobriety, Sonia and Kathleen dive into the world of friendships through the lens of sobriety. They tackle how navigating sobriety not only changes us but also shines a light on our friendships, encouraging us to think deeply about who we choose to spend our time with. This episode is all about finding the joy in discovering and nurturing relationships that truly reflect our sober selves.

Get ready to explore the highs and lows of friendship in sobriety, from the tough goodbyes to the joy of making new connections that really get it. Sonia and Kathleen will touch on important questions like how sobriety can reshape our friendships, what it means for our social lives, and how to create a circle that supports our sober journey.

Listeners will learn about the key ingredients of friendships that flourish in sobriety, including tips on how to spot the ones worth holding onto, setting healthy boundaries, and how to make new friends who share your love for a sober lifestyle. This episode is packed with advice for anyone looking to enrich their social life in a way that aligns with their sobriety.

You won’t want to miss Sonia and Kathleen share their own friendship adventures in sobriety. Their stories showcase the beautiful, sometimes messy journey of building deep, meaningful connections in sobriety.

Join us at Sisters in Sobriety, your go-to spot for making sobriety feel like the ultimate friendship adventure. Don't forget to swing by our substack for all the best sobriety tips, tricks, and tales. We’re all about helping you find your tribe and keep your sobriety journey fun and fulfilling.


  • [00:01:59] The conversation shifts to how sobriety transforms friendships and the need to reevaluate relationships.
  • [00:02:17] Kathleen emphasizes the journey of peeling back layers of oneself in recovery and its impact on friendships.
  • [00:03:18] The hosts discuss the importance of understanding how sobriety reshapes personal connections.
  • [00:04:08] Sonia delves into how sobriety can deepen some friendships while leading to the end of others.
  • [00:05:08] A discussion on the isolation and loneliness that can accompany sobriety, and how to navigate these feelings.
  • [00:06:19] Kathleen shares her personal story of how her friendships changed dramatically after she stopped drinking and using drugs.
  • [00:07:28] Sonia talks about her initial isolation in sobriety and how she gradually built a new social circle.
  • [00:09:49] The hosts explore normal feelings about changing friendships post-sobriety and how to deal with them.
  • [00:11:18] Kathleen gives advice on how to discuss sobriety with friends who still drink.
  • [00:12:56] Sonia reflects on the importance of finding a sober community to combat feelings of isolation.
  • [00:14:12] A candid conversation about when and how to let go of friendships that challenge sobriety.
  • [00:16:19] Discussion on recognizing signs that a friendship may not be conducive to recovery.
  • [00:17:29] The impact of social media on sobriety and friendships, exploring both the positive aspects and potential triggers.
  • [00:19:09] How to approach a friend you believe may have a drinking problem.
  • [00:21:07] Kathleen recounts how her social circle and partying habits changed after she became sober.
  • [00:23:36] Sonia provides tips on building new, healthy friendships in recovery.
  • [00:25:20] The significance of having sober friends and the positive impact they can have on one’s recovery journey.
  • [00:27:15] A discussion on navigating social situations and gatherings as a sober individual.
  • [00:30:34] Closing thoughts on how sobriety can improve the quality and depth of friendships, even with those who aren't in recovery.


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