Your Questions Answered: How Can I Be More Mindful Of My Drinking?
March 7, 2024

Your Questions Answered: How Can I Be More Mindful Of My Drinking?

In this insightful Q&A episode, we delve into a commonly asked question regarding the desire to cultivate a more mindful relationship with alcohol without fully committing to sobriety. We understand that the journey towards altering one's drinking habits is deeply personal and not a one-size-fits-all. This episode is especially tailored for individuals identifying as "gray area drinkers" who are looking to redefine their relationship with alcohol through moderation rather than abstinence. We explore what it means to be mindful about alcohol consumption and how it differs from total abstinence, addressing the significant, often overlooked segment of our community seeking moderation. We offer actionable tips and strategies to help you navigate moderation. This episode is a must-listen for anyone contemplating moderation or seeking to maintain a mindful relationship with alcohol. Whether you're taking your first steps towards moderation or looking for ways to sustain it, you'll find valuable insights and support in our community's shared experiences and strategies.


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