Sobriety Together: Navigating Relationships in Recovery
February 5, 2024

Sobriety Together: Navigating Relationships in Recovery

Welcome to an uplifting episode of "Sisters in Sobriety"! Your hosts, Sonia and Kathleen, are here to sprinkle some fun and wisdom into the discussion of sobriety and relationships. They're bringing their own brand of humor and heartfelt advice to help you navigate the world of love and friendship without alcohol. Whether you're single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, this episode is all about finding joy and connection in sober living.

Today, Sonia and Kathleen are diving into some of the big questions that come up when alcohol is no longer the third wheel in your relationships. How does becoming sober change your dating life? What happens to friendships when you're the only one not drinking? They'll tackle these questions with a mix of personal stories and listener experiences, making sure to keep the conversation light-hearted yet insightful.

Get ready to walk away with some tangible advice and a fresh perspective on sober socializing. Our hosts will share their top tips for navigating social gatherings alcohol-free, maintaining meaningful connections, and even enhancing relationships with honesty and vulnerability. It's all about embracing the positives that come with a sober lifestyle and how it can lead to deeper, more authentic relationships.

In our personal story segment, Sonia and Kathleen open up about their own journeys through sobriety and how it's impacted their romantic and platonic relationships. They'll share the laughs, the awkward moments, and the heartwarming realizations they've had along the way. It's a candid look at the ups and downs of navigating love and friendship while staying true to your sober self.

This is "Sisters in Sobriety," your friendly neighborhood podcast for keeping life fun and fulfilling in sobriety. For more stories, laughs, and tips, be sure to check out our substack.

  • [1:19] Sonia shares her personal struggles with relationships and sobriety.
  • [1:44] Discussion on how sobriety changes relationship dynamics.
  • [2:20] Kathleen highlights the positive impacts of sobriety on relationships.
  • [00:03:10] Kathleen, as a couple's therapist, discusses the significant impact of substance abuse on relationships.
  • [00:04:11] Sonia reflects on the alignment of behavior with values in sober relationships.
  • [00:05:10] Examination of how different types of drinkers impact their relationships.
  • [00:06:08] Sonia's personal experience of alcohol's role in her early relationship.
  • [00:07:17] Kathleen shares how her drug use affected her past relationships.
  • [00:08:24] Discussion on how socializing changes post-sobriety.
  • [00:09:33] Challenges of being in social situations where others are drinking.
  • [00:10:47] Importance of communication in adjusting to a partner's sobriety.
  • [00:11:38] Discussion on how sobriety impacts communication in conflicts.
  • [00:12:42] Insights into how sobriety affects intimacy in relationships.
  • [00:14:12] Exploring personal growth in sobriety within a relationship.
  • [00:15:11] The role of self-awareness in understanding the impact of sobriety on relationships.
  • [00:16:57] Sonia's experience with personal growth and sobriety during the pandemic.
  • [00:18:29] How creative outlets like photography and writing helped Sonia in her sobriety journey.
  • [00:19:45] Sonia's ex-partner's reaction to her sobriety and the end of their relationship.
  • [00:20:31] Strategies for finding new sober-friendly activities as a couple.
  • [00:21:19] Effective communication strategies for couples in sobriety.
  • [00:23:31] Steps to rebuild trust in a relationship affected by addiction.
  • [00:25:16] Coping with feelings of betrayal in a relationship with a recovering addict.
  • [00:26:52] Preparing for and handling potential relapses in a partner's recovery.
  • [00:29:51] Addressing challenges with intimacy and trust rebuilding in sober relationships.
  • [31:03]: Supporting a partner through addiction and sobriety, and the potential for sobriety to bring partners closer.


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