Building a Sober Self-Care Toolkit: Reclaiming Joy Through Boundaries and Wellness
January 14, 2024

Building a Sober Self-Care Toolkit: Reclaiming Joy Through Boundaries and Wellness

Welcome to "Sisters in Sobriety," where hosts Sonia and Kathleen dive into the vital topic of self-care, especially in the context of sobriety. Your hosts Sonia and Kathleen explore the essential theme of self-care in sobriety. In today’s episode, they will guide you, our dear listeners, through understanding and implementing self-care practices that nurture your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

In this episode, they delve into pressing questions. They take self-care beyond the conventional ideas of relaxation. What role does self-care play in the journey of sobriety? And how can self-care practices evolve and adapt to life’s changes?

You'll learn about the critical aspects of self-care, including the importance of setting boundaries, the challenge of finding joy in activities outside of alcohol, and the significance of community and support in maintaining sobriety.

Get ready for a personal story segment, where Sonia and Kathleen share their own experiences with self-care. They discuss how their self-care practices have evolved over the years, especially in relation to their sobriety journey.

This is "Sisters in Sobriety," a podcast brought to you by EverBlume, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol.

0:01:24 | Definition of self-care as caring for mental, emotional, and physical health
00:03:00 | Importance of self-care in recovery and creating a safe environment
00:03:26 | Importance of self-care tools and routines for sobriety
00:05:01 | Implementing self-care through setting boundaries and removing toxic people
00:05:56 | Self-care as treating oneself with love and nurturing
00:06:39 | Reparenting oneself and talking to oneself with kindness and compassion
00:07:00 | Challenging negative self-talk and body image issues
00:09:44 | Self-care practice of looking in the mirror and expressing self-love
00:09:58 | Kathleen reflects on her journey of self-care and sobriety.
00:13:23 | Sonia shares her self-care journey and the importance of being authentic.
00:15:00 | Sonia discusses the importance of listening to her inner voice.
00:17:00 | Kathleen explains how therapy is a form of self-care.
00:18:52 | Sonia acknowledges that self-care doesn't always feel amazing.
00:19:34 | Kathleen discusses the emotional impact of therapy sessions.
00:20:47 | Setting boundaries in self-care.
00:23:00 | Importance of "doing nothing" as self-care.
00:24:00 | Struggles with prioritizing rest and relaxation.
00:27:00 | Evolution of self-care routine over the past years.
00:29:00 | Finding connection in the sober community.
00:30:00 | Importance of sober community in sobriety journey.
00:31:00 | Challenges of having a spouse or friends who drink.
00:32:00 | Setting clear boundaries around alcohol and prioritizing sobriety.
00:33:45 | Developing a support network and expressing gratitude for support.
00:36:26 | Self-care doesn't always feel good in the moment.


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