Your Questions Answered: Create A Summer Sobriety Toolkit
May 9, 2024

Your Questions Answered: Create A Summer Sobriety Toolkit

Today, we're addressing a common concern among our listeners—navigating the temptations of summer while maintaining sobriety. This episode is dedicated to answering questions from you, our listeners, about dealing with the triggers that come with warm weather and social gatherings.

Understanding and Managing Triggers
Our listener SP from Houston shares her anxiety about summer being a trigger to drink. We start by acknowledging that feeling anxious about seasonal changes is normal and discusses strategies for managing these feelings. Sonia emphasizes the importance of recognizing triggers and preparing mentally, akin to packing sunscreen to protect your skin, to maintain sobriety during challenging situations.

Proactive Planning for Social Events
Sonia shares practical tips for planning ahead when attending social gatherings. Suggestions include:

  • Bringing a tasty non-alcoholic drink or a sober-friendly friend to help navigate through drinking pressures.
  • Setting personal boundaries and declining invitations that might jeopardize your recovery.
  • Establishing a support plan with your sober circle to stay strong during tougher times.

Setting Boundaries

Understanding when to say no and how to communicate your needs is crucial. The episode covers how to set boundaries effectively:

  • Being honest with yourself and others about your limits.
  • Offering alternatives to typical alcohol-centered activities.
  • Preparing responses for uncomfortable situations to ease pressure.

Establishing New Traditions

Sonia encourages listeners to create new, sober-friendly traditions that focus on connection and fun without alcohol. Some ideas include:

  • Morning hikes, sober picnics, group workouts, craft nights, and exploring new recipes.
  • Hosting game or movie nights where the focus remains on fun, not drinks.

Keeping Non-Alcoholic Options Handy

The importance of having non-alcoholic beverages available is discussed, with suggestions on how to incorporate them into various social settings effectively.

Feeling nervous about seasonal changes is normal but manageable with the right tools and support. She encourages all listeners to embrace the summer with confidence, knowing they are equipped to enjoy it sober and strong.


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