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Ready To Change Your Drinking?
We Meet You Where You Are
Everyone's path is different. We'll help you achieve your goals. Want to quit for good? Stop for 90 days? A year? Or stop binge drinking?
 Sign Up For A Free Meeting. No pressure, No commitment, Just Check It Out and Get The Support You Need

A New Way To Get Support 

Small online meetings with people matched to you. You'll find conversation and connection.

The Power Of The Group


"I felt so heard and understood and feel empowered to make this change in my life"

JB, EverBlume Member


LC, EverBlume Member

"If I didn't have this meeting, I would have driven to the liquor store after work"


AN, EverBlume Member

"I feel like I can finally tell the truth. These meetings are the best decision I have ever made"

Actual EverBlume member quotes. Members portrayed by actors in images.

Set Clear Intentions

With the help of your compatibility matched group and coach - set and achieve weekly goals. Your EverBlume group coach is dedicated to guiding you through your own journey

A Sense Of Belonging

EverBlume creates a safe space for you and your specifically matched group to create lasting friendships. Your group is made up of people you would want to spend time with IRL. These are your people.

Stronger Recovery

Peer support has been found to be clinically effective at improving long-term outcomes. EverBlume provides you with a group small enough so that everyone has an opportunity to share, ask for support and give support.

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