Mastering Mindfulness: A Step-By-Step Guided Meditation
June 3, 2024

Mastering Mindfulness: A Step-By-Step Guided Meditation

In this episode of "Sisters in Sobriety," Sonia and Kathleen continue their insightful discussion on mindfulness and its vital role in the recovery process. Today, they delve deeper into practical mindfulness techniques and guide listeners through a mindful meditation practice designed to foster grounding and mindful decision-making.

Expect a comprehensive exploration of mindfulness, addressing key questions such as: How can mindfulness be effectively integrated into daily life? What are common challenges in starting a mindfulness practice? How can group settings enhance the practice of mindfulness in recovery? These questions set the stage for a rich discussion filled with practical advice and personal experiences.

Kathleen and will educate listeners on several mindfulness concepts, including the "SOBER" meditation technique, urge surfing, and grounding exercises. She will also discuss the importance of starting small and gradually building a mindfulness routine. Key terms such as "mindfulness," "grounding techniques," and "urge surfing" will be thoroughly explored.

Sonia shares how the guided meditation has transformed her understanding of mindfulness. She discusses the challenges she faced with traditional silent meditation and how Kathleen's guidance has provided the support she needed to stay focused and present.

This is Sisters in Sobriety, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol. Check out our Substack for extra tips, tricks, and resources.


[00:01:13] - Kathleen begins guiding listeners through a meditation practice.

[00:02:43] - Kathleen introduces the SOBER meditation technique.

[00:03:02] - The first step: Stop, pause, and take a deep breath.

[00:03:25] - The second step: Observe thoughts and feelings without judgment.

[00:04:19] - Observing physical sensations and surroundings.

[00:05:00] - The third step: Breathe deeply and slowly to calm the mind.

[00:05:14] - The fourth step: Expand awareness to include all observations.

[00:06:00] - The fifth step: Respond mindfully to the situation or set an intention.

[00:07:08] - Sonia shares how guided meditation was helpful for her.

[00:08:21] - Kathleen addresses common misconceptions about mindfulness.

[00:09:15] - Discussing the benefits of group mindfulness sessions in recovery.

[00:10:25] - Kathleen explains common challenges when starting mindfulness practices in sobriety.

[00:11:43] - Kathleen emphasizes starting small with mindfulness practices.

[00:12:10] - Techniques like urge surfing are explained.

[00:13:26] - Discussing the importance of grounding techniques.

[00:14:22] - Best practices for mindfulness when feeling overwhelmed or in a crisis.


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