The Power of Personalized Recovery Plans With Alida Flannery
May 20, 2024

The Power of Personalized Recovery Plans With Alida Flannery

In this episode of Sisters in Sobriety, Sonia and Kathleen explore the multifaceted world of recovery support, diving deep into the roles of one-on-one coaching, sober companions, and group support systems. They are joined by Alida Flannery. Alida is the Founder of Epiphany Recovery Inc., an organization that provides Recovery Coaching, Companioning, and Case Management services to individuals who are struggling with substance use and disordered eating. She is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach and Companion, who completed her Intervention training with Earl Hightower in 2018, and has previously worked for several in-patient treatment centres across Canada. Alida is the Co-Founder of SOULBRIETY, a sober collective for women offering retreats, events, and group workshops to those who are sober-curious, sober-exploring and sober-serious. She also works with Amazing Grace Canada, a charity whose mission is to bring recovery to families and communities affected by addiction in developing nations.

Throughout the episode, listeners will hear a broad discussion on the different paths to successful recovery. Key questions include: What is the role of a sober companion in the recovery process? How does one tailor recovery support to meet individual needs? What are some common misconceptions about sober companionship? These questions are dissected, offering a thorough understanding of the nuances involved in each recovery pathway.

Listeners will gain valuable knowledge on the educational aspects of recovery support, such as the importance of a safe transition from rehab to home, the challenges of maintaining sobriety in a familiar environment, and the need for personalized recovery plans.

Alida shares her own experiences and stories from her work as a sober companion. She reveals the small yet significant victories in recovery, such as a client successfully setting boundaries or enjoying a sober weekend with family. These stories underscore the emotional and transformative journey of recovery, making the episode relatable and inspiring.

This is Sisters in Sobriety, the support community that helps women change their relationship with alcohol. Check out our substack for extra tips, tricks, and resources.


[00:01:08] – Alida explains the public perception of sober companionship, mentioning its association with the rich and famous.

[00:01:27] – Alida describes the role of a sober companion, providing support throughout the day.

[00:02:00] – Alida talks about the challenges of returning home from rehab and the importance of having a sober companion during this transition.

[00:03:06] – Discussion on the need to navigate interpersonal relationships and daily challenges after rehab.

[00:03:45] – Alida elaborates on providing support for those who can't leave their lives for extended treatment, such as single parents.

[00:04:22] – Kathleen asks how Alida tailors her companionship to individual clients, and Alida explains her intuitive approach.

[00:05:18] – Alida talks about receiving briefings from families or treatment centers and the importance of the right fit for effective companionship.

[00:07:06] – Alida emphasizes observing and understanding the client's daily routines and interpersonal interactions.

[00:08:00] – Kathleen inquires about common misconceptions of sober companionship, and Alida addresses these.

[00:09:34] – Alida clarifies her role as a motivator, cheerleader, problem solver, and advocate, not a housekeeper or chef.

[00:10:17] – Discussion on the importance of the recovery doing the work themselves for successful outcomes.

[00:12:08] – Alida shares her personal commitment to protecting her own recovery fiercely.

[00:13:14] – Sonia asks Alida to describe a typical day as a sober companion, and Alida explains the variability in her daily routines.

[00:15:17] – Alida highlights the importance of establishing a new recovery routine and lifestyle at home.

[00:17:49] – Alida discusses the challenge of rewiring daily activities that were previously associated with substance use.

[00:19:22] – Establishing a daily routine involving making the bed, nourishing oneself, and incorporating activities like prayer, meditation, and journaling.

[00:20:00] – Alida reflects on the transformational moments and small victories that signify successful recovery.

[00:24:41] – Closing remarks by Kathleen, expressing gratitude to Alida and inviting her for future discussions.


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