Your Questions Answered: I Just Had A Slip! What Should I Do?
March 27, 2024

Your Questions Answered: I Just Had A Slip! What Should I Do?

Welcome to another Q&A episode where we delve into the complexities of relapse, or as some prefer, a return to use or a slip. Patricia shares her recent experience of drinking after a period of sobriety, grappling with feelings of guilt, shame, and disappointment. This moment opens a door to discussing the importance of acknowledging these emotions as part of many people's journeys, emphasizing the necessity of self-compassion and the avoidance of self-judgment.


  • Acknowledgment Without Judgment: We explore the significance of acknowledging a slip as a fact rather than a moral failing. This approach helps us heal and grow by observing our experiences without harsh self-criticism, much like observing clouds in the sky - they pass without defining the sky.
  • Reflect, Learn, and Adapt: We delve into the importance of reflection to understand triggers and stressors that led to the slip. This insight acts as a roadmap for fortifying recovery strategies and making necessary adjustments to our plans, coping mechanisms, and environments.
  • Reaffirming Your 'Why': Rediscovering the reasons behind choosing sobriety can reignite motivation. This segment emphasizes reconnecting with one's 'why' to refuel determination and remember the life one is striving to build.

This episode underscores that recovery is a journey marked by moments of vulnerability, learning, and growth. Patricia's story and the insights shared illuminate the path forward, reminding us that we are not defined by our slips but by our resilience and the compassionate strides we take towards sobriety. In embracing this journey with empathy and support, we move closer to becoming the best versions of ourselves, together.


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