Beyond Willpower: The Role of Medication in Alcohol Recovery
March 18, 2024

Beyond Willpower: The Role of Medication in Alcohol Recovery

This episode, delves into the innovative realm of medically assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder with guest, Jonathan Hunt Glassman, the visionary behind OAR Health. This episode promises to enlighten listeners about the scientific and personal dimensions of recovery, offering a new perspective on the role of medication in the path to sobriety.

The conversation aims to address common curiosities surrounding recovery options beyond traditional methods. It explores naltrexone, a medication used in treating alcohol use disorder, examining its place within a holistic approach to recovery. The episode poses critical questions about integrating medically assisted treatment with therapy and lifestyle changes, underscoring the importance of personalized recovery plans.

Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights into combining naltrexone with psychotherapy and other support mechanisms to create a comprehensive treatment strategy. The episode highlights the significance of tailoring recovery efforts to fit individual needs and preferences, emphasizing the diversity of effective recovery paths.

Featuring compelling narratives of individuals who have experienced significant transformations through medically assisted treatment, the episode showcases the profound impact of incorporating medication into the recovery process. These stories not only provide educational value but also offer inspiration, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of recovery and the potential for renewal and change.

*Jonathan Hunt-Glassman is the CEO of Oar Health, which makes it private and convenient for people who want to drink less or quit to get access to safe, effective medication proven to help. Jonathan founded Oar to help others get access to the same medication that helped him take back control over alcohol after struggling with alcohol misuse for most of his adult life. 

Sisters in Sobriety serves as a supportive community for women seeking to alter their relationship with alcohol. The podcast encourages its audience to visit their substack for additional resources, tips, and stories that foster hope and encouragement on the journey toward sobriety.


  • [00:02:37] - Introduction of Jonathan Hunt Glassman, founder of OAR, and discussion on naltrexone.
  • [00:03:09] - Exploring the impact of naltrexone on redefining recovery pathways.
  • [00:03:28] - Jonathan shares his personal journey and the inspiration behind starting OAR.
  • [00:04:59] - Discussion on the historical approach to treating alcohol dependence and the evolution towards medication-assisted treatments.
  • [00:07:42] - The shift in understanding addiction as a chronic brain disease and its treatment implications.
  • [00:10:14] - Exploring the diversity of recovery goals beyond abstinence.
  • [00:11:53] - Detailed explanation of how naltrexone works and its benefits.
  • [00:14:21] - Addressing the under-prescription of naltrexone and exploring reasons behind it.
  • [00:17:18] - Introduction to the Sinclair Method and its application in ORR's treatment plans.
  • [00:19:33] - A typical initial treatment plan at ORR, combining naltrexone with psychosocial support.
  • [00:22:25] - The ongoing support and resources provided by OAR post-initial treatment.
  • [00:24:28] - Addressing common side effects of naltrexone and how to manage them.
  • [00:26:16] - Jonathan's approach to defining and managing relapse or return to use among patients.
  • [00:30:13] - Strategies for addressing the stigma and public perception challenges of medically assisted treatment.
  • [00:32:12] - Advice for individuals hesitant about changing their relationship with alcohol.
  • [00:34:25] - The synergy between naltrexone and psychotherapy or holistic approaches in treatment.


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